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How to print a Medical Form and parental permission form; and how to scan these to the FFE

How to scan your Medical Certificate or other documents to the FFE

 First go on the FFE website:

Then click on the green FFEclub SIF icon on the right:  FFEclub SIF

Then enter your "identifiant" on the top bar, which is your licence number; it appears on the top right of your licence under the word "Pratiquant" (e.g. 1900228Y)

And your "Mot de passe"on the top bar is your "Code SIF" number on the bottom right of your licence (e.g. 0175)

You choose to "validate and continue the connection" or "I do not wish to communicate my address"

In the top left square called "MA LICENCE FFE"  





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Click on "Déposer un certificat médical scanné"

At the bottom of the next page click on "Choose File" and select the scanned document/ medical certificate you wish to send to the FFE. You can up load as many files as you wish.


Also in the middle of this same page you will see the green sign:  Télécharger le formulaire pré-rempli

If you click on it you will get a medical form with your name and for your doctor to sign, and a parental form for parents' permission to allow under 18 yrs old to compete. Make sure parents fill in their name(s) and sign the form. You can scan it and send it to the FFE after completion and signatures. 


Good luck!



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