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Have you declared the horses in your care on your premises? Déclaration détenteurs d'équidés

Détenteurs d'équidés:

Déclaration obligatoire


Declaring that you have horses on your property is compulsory. If you fail to do so you could be fined between 450€ and 1500€ for each failing to the rules and regulations.

They don't have to be your own horses. And the fact that the horses have been declared to the Haras Nationaux (or IFCE as it is now known) is not sufficient.

The aim of registering with the IFCE that horses are on your premises is so that the IFCE has a map of where each and every horse is in France, should there be an epidemic of some kind or other. The IFCE and the veterinary service will then be able to act efficiently in taking measures to control the spread of infections. This decree took place in July 2010 and failing to register can now be sanctioned by a steep fine.

Any physical or moral person who is responsible for a horse, whether on a temporary or permanent basis, is a "détenteur d'équidés". What you declare is not the number of horses or their details, but just the fact that you have some (or one) horse(s). Should you stop having any horse at some stage you should then unregister.


How do I register?

Either via internet or on paper.

On Internet: 

Top right click on:  mon espace

 Then click on this on the left: 

Accédez à vos espaces

You will need to create an identifier and secret code to have your own space on the site called "espace personnel". 







If you are creating an account click on:  Créaton de compte

Then fill in all details: identifiant, mot de passe, e-mail address, Surname. You will get an -mail which will enable you to activate your account

If you have an account: fill in your identifiant and mot de passe and then clikc on:  Connexion

Then on the left click on :   Mes démarches et outils                           +      


Then in the middle in blue click on:  

Then in the middle click on:  Déclarer mes lieux de détention     


 Then follow the instructions:   fill in the details about your horses.

You will have noticed that there is also:   Déclarer votre vétérinaire sanitaire

You don't have to keep registering every year. It is done once and for all. You can declare more than one place where you keep your horses. You will be given a number "numéro d'identification au détenteur" for you, and one number ("numéro d'identification du lieu de détention") for each place where you keep horses.

If you no longer have horses, even temporarily, you must close your "lieu de détention".

The movement of horses (transportation), entries and exits, should be written down in a book or folder called "registre d'élevage". For more information on this consult, icon "équidés", folder "tenir un registre des équidés".


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