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How to access and modify your "licence"

How to access and modify your licence and other tricks

1)      First go on the FFE website:

2)      Then click on the blue icon: MA PAGE CAVALIER FFE (bottom left), top middle of the “accueil” page

Equitation en péril


3)      Fill in:

Entrez votre identifiant et votre mot de passe

Identifiant :                    Mot de passe : 


Identifiant:  is your licence N°. On your licence it is called “Pratiquant” (7 figures + 1 letter), eg. 732455L

Mot de passe: is at the bottom right of your licence called “Code SIF” (4 figures), eg. 4321

4) In the new page/window,  you will find you can do a variety of things, like:

·         Print you “licence”

·         Print the medical needed to be filled in by your doctor if you intend to do competitions

·         Scan and deposit your medical to the FFE

·         Modify info about yourself on your “licence”

·         Add a photo

·         Print your CV as a rider

·         Insurance: print, take extra insurance, declare an accident

·         Competitions: checks your entries, results, qualifications etc.

·         Add photo of your horse or pony

·         Etc....

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