Bannière entête

"Le Trec" explained

TREC Techniques de Randonnée Equestre de Compétition

What is Le Trec?

Basicly 3 parts:

  1. La maîtrise des Allures: fastest walk and slowest canter over a 100m (Club) or 150m (Amateur)
  2. POR: like a ride out with a map (orienteering) over 2 or 3 hours (depending whether you get lost!!?). There are check points, and a search party (joke)
  3. PTV: a series of "easy" obstacles: e.g. opening and closing a gate, a small step, standing inside a circle with reins on the neck, etc. etc.

No negative marks. You can miss an obstacle (0 point). You choose the gait: walk 5 points, trot 7 points, canter 10 points.

A  "le Trec" competition can be entered as an individual or in a team (minimum 3, maximum 4).

One of the rare disciplines where you do not need to have a Galop exam to enter.

If you have never done it, don't worry as long as one member of the team has some idea and can read a map you'll be ok. Just go for the fun. For more details consult:


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